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Review: Markus Schulz 7 Hour Extended Set @ Stereo – Oct. 13th 2013


DISCLAIMER: Before reading this review, please keep in mind that I wasn’t really doing well. Indeed, you shouldn’t empty what remains of the Chinese food you ordered just before going to Stereo at 3 am. Trust me, lesson taken: simply think about those African childs starving when you’re about to eat that juicy Chinese rib…

They’d go to Stereo.

(Actually I just stopped writing the review after this paragraph as I was salivating at the ” juicy chinese rib ” part… Got to order once again. Sick I was once again.)

I missed him once, last year, I was sick too (is it a f******* coincidence each time he’s in town?!!%?&!!?). I had to sell my ticket to a dude ready to hear the – beautiful – reason why I decided to not go. So instead of lying, I told him the truth: ” My ass hurts”. No jokes, I couldn’t sit. I stayed at the hospital while you ribs cravers were all partying at Stereo.

That was last year’s story. I have another one to tell you.

I knew someone else (((starving))). He didn’t (((eat))) in the last 16 months.

(((October 13th 2013)))

As I’m writing this introduction down, I got to think about a common denominator
What’s this common denominator?

Everyone has their own opinion on the achievements Markus Schulz has done in the EDM scene over the last years. In my opinion, Markus Schulz’ largest contribution to the scene so far has been the evolution of a sound yet known as “Bigroom”. He made it evolve to the point of having now a fully independent, and quite easily recognizable, Bigroom EDM genre, not only a sound built on Trance and House’s production layers, but a sound that has now enough characteristics to be considered as distinguished as Trance, House and the other EDM genres it took its form of.

He first started working onto it with his notorious “Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction” kind of remixes; then moved more onto the sound with his alias Dakota, giving us a new take on Bigroom Techno (eg: Sleepwalkers); Coldharbour followed after, etc.


It was the common denominator found at Stereo on October 13th in most of Markus Schulz’s 7-hour extended set.

There are many forms of Bigroom. Hopefully for the purists out there, such as me, Markus Schulz didn’t really follow the footsteps of the already existent Bigroom trends (Electro) and managed to develop his own sound through the Bigroom sounds he already himself developed.

I’m aware I probably surprised (insulted?) most of you with my labelazation of Bigroom above. Bigroom per definition, is a genre primarily targeted for the dancefloor, we could say it is its main focus (no need for it to be cheesy or commercial)

The techno Markus Schulz played at Stereo on October 13th isn’t the kind of techno you and I are used to in Montreal. It clearly was a style of techno made to envelop the whole dancefloor. It wasn’t minimal, hard, progressive nor industrial dominant. It was Techno strictly targeted for the dancefloor.

My favorite part of that 7-hour extended set was after the first 30 minutes when he started to play non-stop more of that Bigroom Techno for probably 2 hours or so, then he started to slow it down as it was starting to be a bit intense.

The build-up of the 7-hour set itself was top notch. The set had of lot of variety from Trance, House, Techno, old school, chillout… while not losing the Bigroom aspect.

I got to give credit to Markus Schulz for properly driving a crowd, it is not a talent easily given today in a world where producers replaced DJs. At Stereo, Markus played every track at the perfect moment when the crowd needed it. He’s an expert at reading a crowd.

I didn’t leave the club with the feeling Markus did a rabbit hole set though, especially towards the end. I don’t think it was that “dark” as a set (we already heard him played way more darker several times). We went more into a vast musical variety than into a rabbit hole.

Enough talking about the set now, there’s no point for me to review the entire set if you can simply listen to it on Soundcloud and make your own opinion. Indeed, Markus Schulz recorded his 7-hour extended set and made it available, into 2 parts, for everyone. Here it is:

It’s when you were there at Stereo dancing on the set, and you listen at home after, that you notice how Stereo incredibly upgrades the experience.

Indeed. Once you play the set on Soundcloud you could say “this sounds like a 7-hour compilation of the best Global DJ Broadcast’s of the last 3 years”, and you would be totally right!

I admit at Stereo it sounded way more impressive – “I mean, it’s (((Stereo))) right?” (Markus Schulz on Twitter, talking about the soundcheck) – but in the end it is true that there’s nothing really different about that set, aside from 2 hours of non-stop techno he normally wouldn’t play anywhere else. I felt more it was a 7-hour best of Coldharbour set of the last 3 years, in Markus Schulz’ favorite club in the world.

I would say that you missed something great if you weren’t at Stereo, and you should buy your ticket next time.

I would say also that the set you’re about to listen to on Soundcloud isn’t into Markus Schulz’ top sets ever, even if you should try it.

Conclusion: Markus + Stereo = (((end of starvation in the world)))

Back to the Chinese food.

Written by: Kevin