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Top 10 Do’s for Bal en Blanc


1. Get plenty of rest & eat a good meal

Ask any veteran of Bal en Blanc what they do the day leading up to Bal, and they’ll all tell you the same thing. Get a good night’s sleep the night before (even take a “disco nap” the night of if you can), eat a decent meal before you head out, and drink plenty of water the day leading up. If you plan on spending 10+ hours at Bal en Blanc, you want to make sure your body is well rested and energized!


2. Get there early

Bal en Blanc is notorious for massive line-ups and long waits at security. If you plan on arriving between midnight and 3am, expect to wait anywhere from an hour to two hours to clear security. This is particularly important for those who do not have VIP passes. If you want to be inside at a specific time, make sure you take this into consideration and arrive as early as possible (Bal opens at 9pm) to avoid the long line-ups. VIP ticket holders on the other hand, can expect to clear security within 15 minutes.


3. Dress in white

Although the all white dress code is not strictly enforced (you won’t be denied entry for not wearing white), try your best to wear at least a white shirt. 99.99% of the crowd will be wearing white, and the idea is that by wearing white, we are a physical representation of unity expressing our universal love of electronic music. It’s quite a feeling to be in a room with 15,000+ people all dressed in white, so get into the spirit and bust out your finest whites! If you’re the rebellious type, don’t worry. There are always a couple of trolls dressed in black if you are looking for a friend.


4. Wear comfortable shoes

Everyone wants to look their best, but the one place you do not want to sacrifice comfort for fashion is on your feet. Make sure you wear a comfortable pair of shoes with plenty of support (preferably running shoes), and that they are already broken in. Dancing for 10+ hours is no small feat (pardon the pun), so you want to make sure your feet are well taken care of so they can carry you through the night. If you’re a guy, it’s even a good idea to bring a second pair of socks with you to change mid-way through your night. We know if sounds weird, but trust us it feels amazing and is totally worth it!


5. Use the buddy system & have a meeting point

When possible, avoid venturing off by yourself. While most people at Bal en Blanc are extremely friendly, it’s a good idea to have someone from your group with you to watch your back. If you do leave your group, make sure you let them know where you are going. Another great idea, is to bring a weighted helium party balloon with you to mark where your group is within the crowd at all times. This is a very popular solution among attendees, and is a very effective way to navigate the crowd and quickly find your friends.


6. Be polite and respectful of others

Everyone is there to have a good time, and their experience is just as important as yours. Be respectful and polite to those around you. No one likes to be pushed as others rush through the crowd in a seemingly never-ending human chain. A simple “excuse me” or “pardon” goes a long way and is definitely appreciated. Also, realize that if you are going to consume drugs that not everyone is on the same “trip” as you. By all means have a good time, but be aware of those around you and respect their right to have a good time too.


7. Drink plenty of water

With thousands of people in the crowd it gets hot very quickly inside Bal en Blanc. Coupled with hours on end of dancing, it is very easy to get dehydrated. Even if you are not thirsty, or don’t feel hot, or simply don’t want to leave the crowd for fear of missing that one track you want to hear, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the night. A great tip is to purchase a bottle of water at the beginning of the night and refill it at the bathroom water fountains throughout the night. There’s literally no excuse to not drink water.


8. Take breaks & grab something to eat

Bal en Blanc is a marathon, not a race. Even if you don’t feel yourself getting tired, it’s a good idea to slow down, take a break, and sit down from time to time. Your body will thank you for it the next day! There are also sandwiches, fruit, and other snacks available for sale throughout the night so be sure to grab something to eat, especially if you begin feeling lightheaded, or fatigued. It’s a good idea to grab something quick and replenish your body.


9. Educate yourself & know your limit

If you are going to consume drugs, make sure you do your homework before you do. Know what you are taking, know what your limits are, respect those limits, and let someone else in your group know what you are taking. Avoid taking drugs from strangers (no matter how friendly they are), and avoid mixing drugs with alcohol or other drugs. Bal en Blanc has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, and people found in possession of will face expulsion from the event and possibly criminal charges. Be smart and be safe!


10. See some new DJs

With over 15 DJs playing throughout the night, Bal en Blanc is one of the best opportunities of the year in Montreal to check out DJs and genres of electronic music that you normally wouldn’t listen to. If you’re into the big headliners like David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Markus Schulz, and Armin Van Buuren, it’s well worth it to arrive early to check out some of the great local talent playing the event, and stick around later in the evening to experience the likes of SHADED, Nicole Moudaber, and Dubfire, all of whom play some great underground house and techno.

Event page: Bal en Blanc 2013 (19th Edition) – Palais des Congres