Stereo Nightclub

Address: 858 Ste-Catherine Est
Phone #: 514-658-2646
Club type: Afterhours
Music: House, Progressive, Techno
Dress code: Casual
Cost: $35 average entrance, $5 average drink
Capacity: 1000
Open: Friday 1AM-10AM / Saturday 1AM-11AM (or later)
Public transit: Berri Metro
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About the Club

Stereo is a way of life to many Montrealers. Some call it their church (fitting considering the place is usually rocking well into Sunday morning), and eminent DJ David Morales, who is also an owner, refers to it as “home”. Most of the world’s best-loved DJs have played Stereo, and the club boasts an impressive roster of residents, both from Montreal and international. The clientele is a diverse mix of gay and straight, French and English, but everyone is there for one reason: to get the hell down. Stereo consists of one giant room with flanking risers and elevated levels for looking out over the dance floor, a “lobby” where you can catch up with fellow partiers, and washrooms that tend to become more and more unisex as the night (day?) goes on. Décor features a huge disco ball and black walls, complementing what is arguably the world’s #1 analog sound system, engineered and built by Angel Moraes. Above all, though, what Stereo has that nowhere else does is vibe, plain and simple. The Stereo experience is something that is difficult to explain, and near impossible to re-create. So bring an open mind and comfortable shoes, and prepare for a night you won’t soon forget. Oh yeah – and you might want to book Monday off work too.

Upcoming Events

Aug 14th 2015 Deadmau5, Attlas, Rezz

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