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Name: Martin Beauchamp
Birthdate: January 9th, 1979
Birthplace: Montreal
Nationality: Canadian
Styles: Deep House, Tech House, Techno
Performed at: Stereo, Comfort Zone, Club UN and Club Peopl, Club Cinq, Lily Lounge , Kanal Bar, Varunas Afterhours
Residencies: Club UN and Peopl October 2011 - May 2013, Varunas Afterhours, Ixtapa Mexico 2009
Record labels: Pressure Records (Chile), Monochrome Music (France), Yellowjax Recordings (NYC)
Fun fact: Somewhat afraid of birds
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Its not often you see a DJ or Producer who comes along and inspires the dance floor like Marty. Approaching gigs like an athlete does games, Marty brings an intangible sense of anticipation, excitement and a touch of exclusivity wherever he goes. Deep rooted in the Montreal and Canadian DJ scene for over 10 years, if you’ve seen Marty perform at his bi-monthly residency at Club UN/ Peopl in his hometown Montreal, or at Varunas Afterhours in Ixtapa, Mexico (from ’08-’09), you already know how good it can get…

What to say to the new Marty fans?

Marty is an artist who likes to puzzle together intangible moods via smooth vibes,rolling bass, dirty hi-hats and some sketched out vocals.. A joker at heart, Marty loves to build set and song concepts around funny situations and lighthearted occurences. Hat backward and tongue firmly in cheak, Marty likes to make you smile while you dance. Dont sleep on Marty’s technical ability. Former Canadian Ambassador for Pioneer DJ and Recording Arts Canada graduate, Marty’s passion, curiosity and creativity are what make him so unique.

With his DJ sets or his productions on labels like Pressure and Yellow Jax Recordings, he merges perspectives in his delicate sense for sounds and reflective atmospheres, underpinned with solid, physical grooves inspired by the Motown, Funk, Hip-hop and Ganster Rap that was his early sonic stomping ground in the early- to mid ‘90s. Marty likes to please everyone on his dancefloor, this means that sometimes his thoughts may seem to run away with him, but he tends to chase those ideas and make them into an artistic reality. His DJ sets, whether at Montreal’s famed afterhours Stereo Nightclub, Comfort Zone in Toronto or a beach party in Mexico are a spontaneous orchestration fueled by the nuances of an educated, music loving crowd.

Marty began a fruitful studio partnership with Steven Taylor in 2010, where the duo pumped out over 50 tracks, amongst a gig schedule that landed them a residency at Club UN in Montreal. Eventually morphing into Peopl,the duo took a brief hiatus, only to be welcomed back for NYE 2013 on a line up which included Flores, Frank Turgeon and fellow K&S DJ Mike Larry. 2012 led to Marty’s first Beatport release: Montreal Strip Club, Troy Carter’s Reasonable Volume Remix and Gut It Out. These productions are meticulously planned by Marty. It’s a directorial, cinematic approach, which permeates Marty’s everyday life, and comes not just from the outlandish escapades and scrapes that he has sometimes found himself living out but also stems from elaborate film scripts and poetry written as a young boy on the streets of Montreal in Canada and The windy beaches of Biddeford pool, in Maine, USA. This continues to be a habit of Marty’s today: Year round grind in the city, followed by some creative time down by the beach. The push and pull that is a typical Marty DJ set reflects exactly the energy that guides the man, a search for renewed happiness amongst the wonderful balance that is family and artistic life.

The son of two teachers, Marty’s love for music stems from hearing soul and funk in the kitchen, and holidays with his parents to the beaches of Maine in the USA, where he absorbed Early East Coast Hip Hop and Gangster rap. Hours spent in the comfortable world of his walkman were just a sign of things to come.

Family is how he’s always regarded the people close to him, and it’s how he regards subcultures too. From a hockey family, he’s inspired by those who build strong teams of creative people around them. This sense of family is what he wants to create with projects like his and Steven Taylor’s and Manager Kosta Bolantzakis’ K&S Productions. Marty is interested in all kinds of people and artistic subcultures: he’s proud of people who bring a creative flair to what they do, not afraid to be labeled random in order to exceed their artistic visions.

In that sense, Marty’s innate understanding of people and desire is a part of what distinguishes him from other DJs. He’s very aware when playing in Montreal of the multiplicity of nationalities that are gathered there, the pulsating of different desires to be catered to. His inner scriptwriter makes him capable of translating sounds and kicking it like a local, whether it’s in Toronto, Vancouver or New York. Marty is similarly capable of inspiring and creating that embracing atmosphere that can only be experienced in a crowd of thousands. This skill of his, first cultivated during Marty’s residency at Varunas Afterhours in Mexico, is also no doubt informed by his experiences touring the Montreal underground scene in the early 2000’s.

At the end of the day, as Marty sees it, everything runs in cycles, and it’s Marty’s job to trace a line, to craft and detail the next scenes in this revolution we call House. Even if life tends to be random, a little scary, the next move doesn’t have to be a risk. In fact, Marty shows via his compositions and performance how something exciting and new can begin with a touch of randomness and a little love.


Date Event Venue
Jun 13th 2014    Martyn, Bordello, Seb Diamond & Kyle Kalma Stereo Nightclub
Jul 20th 2012    Marty & Steven Taylor, Paolo & Nino Club UN
Jun 24th 2012    Malick, Danny Torrence Terrasses Bonsecours
Dec 09th 2011    Ohm Hourani, Marty, Jimmy B Stereo Nightclub