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Jul Raken

Name: Julien Rhéaume-Lepage
Birthdate: February 2nd, 1988
Birthplace: Montreal, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Styles: Progressive House, Techno
Influences: Eric Prydz, Adam Beyer, Pink Floyd, M83, everything around me.
Performed at: Circus Afterhours, Club 1234, Bourbon Street North, Complexe Sky
Residencies: Circus Afterhours
Record labels: Kendra Records, Deepsound/Deepmoon Records, LW Recordings
Fun fact: I was heading to study as a doctor or car engineer, the College's radio and meeting local DJs changed my plans a bit lol!
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Born from a singer mother & a classic guitarist/ jazz ballet dancer father, Jul Räken have always been involved into music. From having his first mini-guitar at 2 years old (no big sounds at that time but we all start somewhere), to discovering a few months later his father’s one hid in a locker, his interest for music instruments have always been there. Influenced by his father’s love for Disco (Studio54, Michael Jackson, etc.) and Progressive Rock (mostly Pink Floyd), Jul Raken got his ear for groove and melody at early age. At 7 years old, he discovered, thanks to his great-aunt, the piano. His appreciation for this instrument has been a love story that stayed for almost 7 years. Learning many different styles (classic, pop & mainly: jazz). Ten years later, while beginning College, he bought a bass guitar, started to play with friends and got back the interest into music creation and play which he has lost after 3 years of break into music creation and instrument playing.

On the other hand, while being in bands, hip hop was all around him in radio and friends houses. At the time he was getting in a group & starting by producing hip hop beats for friends in his bedroom, he heard a track in his first time in a club which was :”Evermore – It’s Too Late (Dirty South Remix)”. That song took his attention about electronic music, especially: House. At that moment, all his energy and time changed from hip hop to house and what was a computer and basic speakers turned rapidly into a home studio producing electronic music.

Finally, on a night with one of his band’s friend who did a huge open house party, the friend asked Jul Raken to take control of music, who played a track that got an awesome crowd reaction. Jul realized the power of a track & the energy that he can get from the choice & the play of even already created tracks. A few months later, Jul got his first decks, met the Montreal DJ “Carl Müren” who will become his mentor & started to play all around gigs and clubs, getting more and more recognized for his work and energy that he put in his shows. What was a part time fun time passion became rapidly a lifestyle career.

Since then, he is producing tracks that get support by many DJs, Producers, Magazines and Radios from all around the world, taking attention from some of the biggest names of the electronic music industry. Being into a non-stop limit pushing state of mind, the best of his career is still to come!


Date Event Venue
Nov 08th 2013    Carl Muren, Wizz, Tomac, Jul Raken, Peter Mark Bar Passeport
Jul 30th 2013    Carl Muren, Jul Raken, Hassan Faheem Bar Passeport
Jul 05th 2013    Scott James vs. Johnny Messina, Carl Muren Circus Afterhours
May 25th 2013    Danse-O-Thon 2013 (24 Hours) Bois de Belle-Rivière
May 02nd 2013    Jul Raken, Philip White, Peter Warnet Bar Passeport
Feb 01st 2013    Fehrplay, Jul Raken, Scott James Circus Afterhours
Dec 20th 2012    Jul Raken, Peter Warnet Bar Passeport
Nov 09th 2012    Jul Raken, Joe Stefano, Sam Rockwell Circus Afterhours
Aug 03rd 2012    DJ Preach, Jul Raken, Highestpoint Circus Afterhours
Jul 20th 2012    Wezz Devall, Offset, Jul Raken Circus Afterhours



Jul Raken - The Best Story (Original Mix)