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Johnny Trika

Birthdate: July 6th, 1992
Birthplace: Montreal, QC
Nationality: Greek
Styles: Minimal, Techno
Influences: Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Shaded, Gaiser, The Junkies, Carlo Lio, Victor Calderone, Loco DIce and a few more. I keep my ears open to all musical genres.
Fun fact: On spare time I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks to open up the ideas.
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Johnny Trika started producing at the age of 19 and has only been producing for 1 year. His tracks have been recognized by some big time techno DJ’s. In Montreal, he is new to the scene but is coming up fast. His love for techno and minimal grew very fast and never let go of it. From late 2011, where he first started to appreciate techno music until now, his styles of techno have definitely changed. Johnny is working very hard in the studio, learning and pumping out tracks. He has a few goals he wants to attain before anything else. Those goals are getting played by Dubfire or Richie Hawtin or any DJ that known of that style and would want to get signed to labels like SCI+TEC or/and Minus. Johnny is dreaming big but he believes he will get there sooner or later because of his great passion and work ethic. Johnny Trika is mainly a producer, he does not focus on “DJ’ing” at all because he simply does not find it creative enough for him.

Johnny Trika hasn’t had any gigs yet because he is currently preparing something special. He has chosen to play “Live” instead of playing other people’s tracks. He felt this way that whenever he performed, people would know exactly what style he plays because it will be his tracks. Of course this takes a lot of preparation and sets can last up to around 1 hour but he hopes he should be ready by Fall 2013 to take on some clubs. Johnny’s career has just begun and is already getting many positive comments on his music. Let’s see what the future lies ahead for Johnny Trika.

Get loose 😉