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Hassan Faheem

Name: Hassan Faheem
Birthdate: May 12th, 1992
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
Styles: Progressive
Influences: Hernan Cattaneo (house), Markus Schulz (trance)
Performed at: Circus Afterhours, Bar Passeport, La Mouche, Club 1234
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Started out listening to Trance during the ASOT 400 festivities in 2009 and I got really into it and my favourite artists at the time were Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz and of course Armin van Buuren. It took me a while to find the right DJs, producers and podcasts to follow but it was well worth it. Global DJ Broadcast still is an all-time favourite. That year I came here in Montreal to study (still studying Electrical Engineering at McGill) and I got to be more involved in the scene, ask around where the best parties are at and I got to say the first person I meet in the scene was Omar El Gamal so it was a great experience since then; getting exposed to all different kinds of events (usually at Circus Afterhours).

Then one day, at Black & Blue 2010, he told me to stick around till 9:30 so we would check the other room, the house room. As Aly & Fila (fellow Egyptian Trance DJs) finished the set, I went to the house room dead tired. Omar told me this guy will give you some inspiration you never thought existed and of course I laughed at him. His words were very true, as this guy he kept mentioning was no other than El Maestro, Hernan Cattaneo. Since then, I had equal love for Trance and House (specifically progressive) and I started looking for more of this kind of music, yet still focusing on Trance as my main genre of choice. I attended more events of this kind; with the likes of Hernan, Nick Warren, John Digweed and others making an appearance. Although I still listen (and play) Trance to some extent, my focus now is on the more progressive style stuff and that’s what I think can really destroy some dancefloors.

I would say though that I am an ‘occasional’ DJ 😛 Depends on the occasion, the nature of the event, the mood I am in and the vibe I want to set to the room, these are the deciding factors on what music I will be playing. You can hear that throughout my Lift Off podcasts that each episode is different and conveys a different message and flow.  There are soooooo many young talented producers in every genre and I try my best to find them and stay in touch (usually one-sided but I will work on that later). I am a passionate DJ. I will always play the music that I like and try my best to get the crowd excited for what’s coming. Each track means and represents something in the set. I am my worst critic. If I don’t like any mix I did no one will be as disappointed as myself and the fuel that keeps me going and make me want to improve every time I perform.


Date Event Venue
May 23rd 2014    Sied van Riel, Hassan Faheem Penthouse
Jan 31st 2014    Tomas Heredia, Hassan Faheem Penthouse
Jul 30th 2013    Carl Muren, Jul Raken, Hassan Faheem Bar Passeport
Jun 14th 2013    Matthew Furci, Hassan Faheem, Mox Bar Passeport
May 17th 2013    Mariana Morales, Hassan Faheem, Mox Bar Passeport
Feb 21st 2013    Binmaker, Hassan Faheem, Dave Risco Bar Passeport
Jan 11th 2013    Hassan Faheem, Seven Ways, Dave Nadz Circus Afterhours
May 11th 2012    John Digweed, Richie G, Hakim Guelmi Circus Afterhours


Radio Show Podcast

Hassan Faheem - Lift Off (available on Souncloud)