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DJ Patrick Guay

Name: Patrick Guay
Nationality: French-Canadian
Styles: House, tribal
Performed at: Black & Blue, Stereo Nightclub, Club Parking, Circus Afterhours, Beach Club, Aria, Divers Cite, Club Unity
Residencies: Circus Afterhours, Club Parking
Website: www.patrickguay.com
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Montreal is the second largest metropolis in Canada, a multi cultural heaven brimming with talent. Its rich and vibrant heritage has yielded many high caliber artists.

Once such artist, DJ Patrick Guay was born to a proud, working class French Canadian family. As is natural in Quebec, music and dance were part of life and Patrick excelled at both at a young age. Focused and hardworking, at 19 he joined a professional dance troupe.

It was the early nineties-the heyday of the Montreal dance scene. Patrick was part of the tightly knit dance club community that witnessed infamous nights at K.O.X, Playground and later Stereo. The pre-911 circuit scene in Montreal was all about large-scale events, which attracted an international crowd. Over the top décor and shows worthy of Broadway were the norm. Award winning producer Jean-Pierre Pérusse noticed Patrick’s talents and appointed him as choreographer for the BBCM dancers- a task Patrick took to with enthusiasm and dedication. His innovative and exciting shows wowed thousands at the Olympic Stadium for the Black & Blue Party, and other events produced by the BBCM.

It was only natural for multi talented Patrick to segway in to DJ’ing in 2002. He was fueled by the desire to become independent and take complete artistic control over the music that accompanied his shows. It did not take long before he mastered the craft of mixing, but he took his time and entered the dance club scene cautiously, preferring to absolutely perfect his style before coming out officially as a DJ.

DJ Patrick Guay got his first start at the legendary Church daylight parties in Montreal – the golden era of Montreal after hours clubbing. The Church parties, though dismantled in 2006 are still fresh in the minds of many Montrealers. Club kids mixed with drag queens and circuit boys, it was a big family, the place to be- and the place to be seen. He quickly started to gain recognition and a growing following and was next awarded a coveted monthly residency at Club Parking and at Stereo Nightclub. In only a few short years he was consistently getting booked at Parking to open for Manny Lehman and Anna Paula due to his ability to bring the crowd up to the right level of excitement. In recent times he has opened for such greats as Junior Vasquez and Offer Nissim. He’s played repeated gigs in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Provincetown, and is now aiming at spinning at parties in the Americas and Europe.

Patrick’s musical style is versatile; swiftly and seamlessly moving through house diva anthems to dark sexy beats- tribal and groovy with an edge. He is a multidisciplinary artist whose roots are forever cemented in the dance floor. Unique and attractive, he thrives on performing and focusing his energy on the crowd. With discipline and passion, he unleashes his creativity and produces an unforgettable atmosphere on the dance floor.

By Kat Coric

Radio Show Podcast

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