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Name: Anstascia D'elene
Vivie Ann Bakos
Birthplace: Montreal, QC
Styles: House, techno, tech-house
Record labels: Monique Musique, Mile End, London Music, Hi-Bias, J-Funk Records
Website: www.blond-ish.com
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The first time that you meet BLOND:ISH, they will most likely catch you off guard by proving that they don’t fit the quintessential blonde stereotype.

Having emerged from Montreal, this double act recipe is made up of Dj’s Vivie-Ann and Anstascia who come across as cheeky yet passionate and driven. Not only do they know how to throw a memorable party, in a short span of two years they have already established themselves as global performers, playing in over 30 countries in venues such as Watergate in Berlin, Privelege Buzios(Brazil), numerous Pachas, Liv Miami and WMC + BPM Conferences.

Once upon a time in a parallel party universe, two damsels in distress collided across a twisted WMC palace. It wasn’t love at first sight, but a fairytale meeting of the minds spellbound by music, midgets and magic potions. An uncontrollable force propelled, and out of immaculate conception on that fine Miami day… BLOND:ISH was born.

Montreal DJ’s Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have since established their love child globally by proving that they don’t fit the quintessential blonde stereotype. Fueled by their fierce gig schedule and releases on some of the most notable labels around, BLOND:ISH has undoubtedly made their mark in the EDM scene. The duo’s sharp taste-maker instincts and technical flair has not only charmed the industry masses of BPM and WMC conferences but garnered them a loyal following in over 40 countries like the UK, Germany, Mexico & Brasil.

BLOND:ISH’s innovative and quirky reputation wasn’t grown on a tree but materialized in the dark trenches of Cherry nightclub in Montreal. Anyone that attended their 2008 year long residency can attest that there was something very special about this underground midweek mangle. It was the winning formula of diverse freaks, organized chaos and BLOND:ISH’s genre defying sets that had the masses coming back week after week.

Over the last few years, BLOND:ISH has carved out a unique production and performance recipe. Provocative basslines, textures and sticky vocals blend into what they refer to as “restrospective house music”. Its evident that their music isn’t afraid to take risks.

2010 defined them as producers with the tech filled “Nobody is Perfect” Ep released on London Music, and a sun soaked “Miss You” out on Hi-Bias which sat comfortably in the Top 10 UK club charts. The girls kicked off this year with Francois Lebaron’s “Dice Roller” Remix on Mile End and “Dack Janiels” out on Monique Musique. Their recent move to London has enabled them to keep up with a steady release schedule with many more recipes concocting. When they’re not touring or locked up in the studio playing with their random music making gadgets, they’re filming 12 HOURS WITH BLOND:ISH, their ‘out of the box’ version of a travel show and posting reviews in their witty BLONDE VOYAGE blog.

Blond:ish rides off each other’s hefty musical knowledge and flawless technique with their diverse persona’s only adding to the intrigue. Anstascia’s unruly demeanour and creative spark spirals against Vivie-Ann’s scientific and geek-chic flair in a whirlwind of inspiration and contrast. The result is a force to be reckoned with, a vibe that effortlessly transcends in the studio, behind the booth and more than anything, to dancefloors around the globe.


Date Event Venue
Jan 30th 2015    John Digweed, Blond:ish, Paskal Daze Igloofest 2015
Apr 12th 2014    Notv, Blond:ish Red Room
Jan 17th 2013    Blond:ish, Julian Prince Velvet Club
Aug 19th 2012    Blond:ish, Julian Prince, Paul Rowland Piknic Electronik
Apr 03rd 2012    Blond:ish, Toddy Flores Wood35
Jan 21st 2012    Blond:ish Cherry
Oct 29th 2011    Blond:ish, Twitch & Terry Tilldawn Vinyl Lounge