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Welcome to the Montreal DJ Events section. Here you will find information on many electronic music events around Montreal from various music styles such as house, trance, techno, progressive, dubstep and many genres in between. If you would like to see your local EDM (Electronic Dance Music) event posted here, you may submit an event.


Click for More Details November 2014
Nov 18th 2014Chopin, Malick, Mike Larry Salon Daome
Nov 19th 2014Unewsual T, Samuel Giroux, R3akt Penthouse
Nov 19th 2014Don Barbarino, Frank Turgeon Salon Daome
Nov 20th 2014Mike Robia Circus Afterhours
Nov 20th 2014Nathan Burns, Soundshaper Salon Daome
Nov 20th 2014Joy Orbison, Ben UFO, Iron Galaxy Stereo Bar
Nov 21st 2014Sasha, Pete Tong New City Gas
Nov 21st 2014Ostrich, Mike Laz Stereo Nightclub
Nov 21st 2014Carl Muren, Scott James Circus Afterhours
Nov 21st 2014Beat Market, Le Couleur, Secret Secret Girl Club Lambi
Nov 21st 2014Nymra & Sofisticated Salon Daome
Nov 21st 2014Matthew Dear, Mightykat Stereo Bar
Nov 22nd 2014Morgan Page, Eva Shaw New City Gas
Nov 22nd 2014Guy Gerber, Behrouz Stereo Nightclub
Nov 22nd 2014Etienne Ozborne, Hugo Turenne Circus Afterhours
Nov 22nd 2014Andres Velilla Salon Daome
Nov 22nd 2014Andrew Grant, Lessi S. Stereo Bar
Nov 23rd 2014Sandy Duperval Circus Afterhours
Nov 23rd 2014Jay London, Alexa Salon Daome
Nov 25th 2014Lexem, Operator b2b Shades of Blk Salon Daome
Nov 26th 2014Don Barbarino, Pat Boogie Salon Daome
Nov 27th 2014Hugo Turenne Circus Afterhours
Nov 27th 2014Gary Beck, Mike Laz, Chulo Peopl
Nov 27th 2014Andres Velilla, Luciano & Robusto, Elephant In The Room Salon Daome
Nov 27th 2014Skream, Motions, Seb Diamond & Kyle Kalma Stereo Bar
Nov 28th 2014Mark Farina, Kili Peopl
Nov 28th 2014Pan-Pot, Joseph Capriati Stereo Nightclub
Nov 28th 2014Project Offset, Hollow Earth, Bloodline Circus Afterhours
Nov 28th 2014Stefny Winter, Vincent Lemieux Salon Daome
Nov 28th 2014Ostrich Stereo Bar
Nov 29th 2014Louie Vega, Jojoflores Peopl
Nov 29th 2014Quintino New City Gas
Nov 29th 2014David Morales, Hector Romero Stereo Nightclub
Nov 29th 2014Oscar L Circus Afterhours
Nov 29th 2014Moody Good, Thomas White, W4rriors b2b Woblz Le Belmont
Nov 29th 2014Alex Gaudino, MC Mario, David Darmel Le Cinq
Nov 29th 2014Monitor Salon Daome
Nov 30th 2014Dillon Francis New City Gas
Nov 30th 2014Terry Tilldawn Circus Afterhours
Nov 30th 2014Soundshaper, Okin Salon Daome
Click for More Details December 2014
Dec 26th 2014Daniel Portman, Michael Chidiac, Shahin Circus Afterhours
Dec 26th 2014Hardwell, Kill The Buzz New City Gas
Dec 27th 2014Andrew Rayel, Pierce Fulton New City Gas
Dec 28th 2014Dada Life, Cash Cash New City Gas
Dec 30th 2014David Guetta New City Gas
Dec 31st 2014Luminous NYE 2014 New City Gas
Click for More Details January 2015
Jan 16th 2015Old School Trance 2015 Viva Lounge
Jan 24th 2015Robin Schulz New City Gas

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