Montreal DJ Events

Welcome to the Montreal DJ Events section. Here you will find information on many electronic music events around Montreal from various music styles such as house, trance, techno, progressive, dubstep and many genres in between. If you would like to see your local EDM (Electronic Dance Music) event posted here, you may submit an event.


Click for More Details April 2014
Apr 18th 2014Matthew Dekay, Ostrich Stereo Nightclub
Apr 18th 2014Maus Red Room
Apr 18th 2014Marciano Peopl
Apr 18th 2014Dreems, Clarian, Von Party Salon Daome
Apr 19th 2014Paulo & Jackinsky Stereo Nightclub
Apr 19th 2014Green & Lateez, Bender Red Room
Apr 19th 2014Someone Else, Kasteniede b2b Mono-Poly, Hooll b2b Le Boucher Salon Daome
Apr 20th 2014Bal en Blanc 2014 (20th Edition) Palais des Congres
Apr 21st 2014Markus Schulz Stereo Nightclub
Apr 23rd 2014Yves Sifa, Don Barbarino Salon Daome
Apr 24th 2014Jalil, Ohm Hourani, Hakim Guelmi Salon Daome
Apr 25th 2014Maya Jane Coles, James Holden SAT
Apr 25th 2014Magda, Mike Mind Stereo Nightclub
Apr 25th 2014Danny Mendes vs. Eric Sera Red Room
Apr 25th 2014Peter Anthony, Tizi, Mr Jean Louis Salon Daome
Apr 26th 2014Maus, Mayssam Stereo Nightclub
Apr 26th 2014Gone Deville Red Room
Apr 26th 2014Roux Soundsystem Salon Daome
Apr 30th 2014Ur, Don Barbarino Salon Daome
Click for More Details May 2014
May 1st 2014Edu Imbernon Habitat
May 2nd 2014Myon & Shane 54, Tydi New City Gas
May 2nd 2014Arctic Moon, Hollow Earth Penthouse
May 2nd 2014Kaskade Stereo Nightclub
May 3rd 2014Boys Noize New City Gas
May 9th 2014John O'Callaghan, Lange, Sneijder, Sasha Carassi Circus Afterhours
May 10th 2014Pleasurekraft, Oliver $, Jaceo & Vedic Circus Afterhours
May 10th 2014Project 46, Rebecca & Fiona New City Gas
May 16th 2014Dan Ghenacia Circus Afterhours
May 17th 2014Sven Väth, Ostrich Stereo Nightclub
May 18th 2014David Guetta New City Gas
May 18th 2014Stacey Pullen, Paskal Daze, Frank Turgeon Circus Afterhours
May 23rd 2014Sied van Riel, Hassan Faheem Penthouse
May 23rd 2014Mr. Pit Circus Afterhours
May 29th 2014Richie Hawtin, Marc Houle, TM404 Metropolis
May 30th 2014Mat Zo, Kill The Noise New City Gas
May 31st 2014Marc Romboy, Tom Pooks Circus Afterhours
Click for More Details June 2014
Jun 7th 2014Koen Groeneveld, Saeed Younan Circus Afterhours
Jun 27th 2014Jay Lumen Circus Afterhours
Click for More Details August 2014
Aug 15th 2014Mark Reeve Circus Afterhours

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